New! Family Spotlight in May

We are excited to be adding a Family Spotlight to our monthly eNewsletter. May’s spotlight is on the Southwick Family…Southwicks_538x359

Jim and Julie have been married for 15 years and have three girls:  Kaitlyn (10), Erin (4) and Audrey (2). They moved to Kentucky in 2010 just before Erin was born. Both Jim and Julie have worked in technology, though Julie now stays home with the girls. She grew up taking music lessons and she and Jim wanted to give their girls the opportunity to learn through music as well.

The Southwick family decided to try a Musikgarten class because they were looking for a class that would expose Erin and Audrey to music in a fun and positive environment.  Musikgarten has exceeded their expectations in many ways!  Each week has enough repetition to be familiar to the kids, yet there is plenty of new material to keep things interesting. Even when one of the girls isn’t in the mood to listen, Miss Elizabeth stays positive and tries to include her in the group.

Taking music classes has had a positive impact on their children -Julie said, “the girls have always looked forward to music class day! Participation is encouraged, but not pushed. I have noticed the girls’ participation increase every semester! They sing the songs in the car long after the semester is over and love to put on shows with the instruments we have acquired. I believe Muskgarten has instilled a love for music that will last a lifetime!”

What would you say to another family considering trying a class? “We have referred several friends to this program and not one has been disappointed! Try it! You will love the program!” (Julie and Jim Southwick)

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