But What If My Child…?

Toddlers are such an adventure, aren’t they? Many parents are afraid to sign up for a formal class with their little ones because they worry their munchkin will either act very shy and reserved and not participate, or run around the room and not pay attention to anything! Please don’t let your fears for your child keep them from giving you the gift of music! Our curriculum is aurally based – if your child is in the room, she is receiving musical benefits.

Musikgarten Circle Dance
Musikgarten Circle Dance

Children listen and participate differently than adults. Children running around the room or hiding in a parent’s lap are still acutely aware of what is going on around them. Many parents are surprised to see the child who appears to be in their own little world during class go home and repeat music class activities with a circle of stuffed animals! So don’t worry! And please don’t feel like your two-year-old has to “sit down and listen” in order to benefit from our classes.

In fact, our music classes will help your “wild child” learn about the structure of a class, routines, sharing, taking turns and many other skills. Future kindergarten teachers will thank you. You will be so surprised one day when your shy child steps out of her shell to play a pattern on the drum or offer up a movement suggestion for the first time. Children love our classes because we meet them where they are and help them grow in a no-pressure, fun atmosphere. It may take a few weeks, but your child will settle in and have a blast!

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