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What Should My Child Listen To? And Will It Drive Me Crazy?

Many parents are trying to find music that will keep their children entertained, help them to grow musically and not drive mom and dad crazy. Good news! I’m here to help! Below are my guidelines for selecting great music, including […]

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Sometimes, in the baby class, it can feel like we repeat activities and songs SO MANY TIMES!!
This is on purpose. Babies learn through repetition! When an adult hears something new, it is generally pretty easy for us to figure out […]

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6 Tips for Improving Your Singing Voice

Do you ever feel like bursting into song, but are nervous about subjecting others to the noise? Here’s some help!

1) Listening when you sing is just about the most important thing you can do. Take time to deliberately use […]

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I Love You, You Love Me…

When my oldest was born, I swore Barney would have no place in our house. Ever. (I also swore off Disney and the color pink — but that’s another story) Perhaps you made a similar vow against the big purple […]

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A Good Value?

I get it. Families these days are financially strapped! Every parent wants the best opportunities for their children, but it’s hard to know where you can get the best value! Time and money are precious resources.
Because of its holistic nature, […]

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A Nine Year Plan Towards Musical Literacy

One of my favorite parts of the Musikgarten curriculum is its sequential nature. Musikgarten has a nine-year plan for your child, starting at birth, which can help them develop into musically minded people at a very young age. Because the […]

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Why Musikgarten

Check out this video from Musikgarten about what makes our classes so special! Read More