6 Tips for Improving Your Singing Voice

Unknown-1Do you ever feel like bursting into song, but are nervous about subjecting others to the noise? Here’s some help!

1) Listening when you sing is just about the most important thing you can do. Take time to deliberately use your ears to hear if your voice is matching pitch. This may mean you need to sing softer.

2) Don’t forget to breathe! Take deep, controlled breaths when you sing, and try to regulate how much air you are letting out at a time.

3) Find your “high” voice. Next time you are playing with your child, make sounds like you are a fire truck, a ghost or a dainty princess. Any of  these can help put your voice in a higher register. Once you are there, take some time to explore those notes. If you can get your voice there easily, you are well on your way to a pleasing singing voice.

4) Practice! Sing along to the radio, join a choir, sing songs with your children. You will find that the more you sing, the easier it will become to find your way.

5) Relax! First, tension does really bad things to your vocal cords — so please don’t strain when you sing! Second, you don’t have to be a great singer to enjoy singing. We live in an age of Simon Cowell, where people who don’t sing like a professional feel like they will be laughed off stage. Music is meant to be made as a community, not to be the art form of an elite few. Enjoy the voice you have and don’t worry about a few glitches you don’t like. Your positive example will have a strong impact on your children.

6) Take lessons. Yes, they are for adults too! If you would really like to work on improving your voice, I can put you in touch with any number of quality voice teachers in the area. Anyone can learn to sing and anyone can learn to improve their voice. Send me an e-mail for a referral. Try it!

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