What is your earliest memory? I remember watching my parents leave the house for a date, and being mad that I was left with a babysitter. I also remember the goldenrod yellow carpet of our first house, coming home to find my aunt had left a lollipop on our coffee table for me, and getting stung by a wasp. All of these events happened before I was four. Other than these vignettes, I can’t get too specific about my early childhood! Most of us don’t remember much, if anything, before the age of four. Feelings, however, last much longer than specific memories.

Music for Toddlers
Music for Toddler

Imagine this: the first 3 years of your child’s life, you take your child to music class once a week. You focus your attention completely on her during this time. The phone, computer, TV, chores and cooking is all put aside for this precious half hour. During class you dance to great classical music, rock to soothing lullabies, jump enthusiastically like rabbits and cuddle while doing intimate finger plays.

When your child is 30, she will not remember music class. Sad, but true. The feelings she associates with class, however will persist. She may hear, “A Little Night Music” and smile without knowing why. The connection between loving mom and music will become blurred as she gets older, so a natural love for classical, traditional music will develop. Safe, warm feelings will be identified with music which will be identified with mom and family. It’s a beautiful thing!

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