Why Early Childhood Music?

Music class provides great Mommy/Baby bonding!
Music class provides great Mommy/Baby bonding!

Little Songbird Music Studio grew out of a passion for teaching children music in the most natural, simple way possible. People learn music the exact same way they learn language. It makes sense, then, that if we begin teaching children music from a very early age, music will become a natural part of their lives. Studies have shown that even a few years of musical study permanently change our brains. Music helps us to reason better, recognize patterns around us, organize our thinking and understand abstract problems. Music teaches us about our complex world, deepens our sensitivity towards each other and other cultures, and provides a tool for cooperation. It teaches us patience, perseverance and the pride.

When our owner, Elizabeth Hickerson, was teaching music in high schools and elementary schools, she became increasingly frustrated with the number of students who came through her doors unable to match pitch or keep a steady beat. These basic skills, which are difficult to pick up in adolescence or adulthood, come naturally and simply to very young children nurtured in a high quality musical environment.

Once children have these basic musical skills, they never lose them. The potential for all kinds of music-making throughout their whole life is present, just waiting to be tapped into. What a gift to give your children!



Why Musikgarten?

Read much more about the Musikgarten curriculum here!
Read much more about the Musikgarten curriculum here!

We believe Musikgarten has no equal.
Our early childhood program is expertly planned, executed, and supported.
Our teachers enjoy their studios.
And our students, well, they just seem to love coming to Musikgarten.

Age-specific Curricula
Musikgarten offers instruction which is just right for each age level – from your baby who benefits greatly from being part of a live music environment, right up through school-age children who delight in our group piano classes.

Beginning simply with singing, moving, and exploring rhythm instruments, we add levels of complexity as the children grow, expanding the singing repertoire, teaching more complex dances, and building instrumental ensembles. Children coming through the Musikgarten program inherently “know” the music they eventually play in later years in group piano instruction.

Music and movement can have a dramatic effect on babies, toddlers, and older children as well. Some studies indicate that early music instruction positively impacts language and literacy development; others point to improved pattern recognition skills which are the basis for mathematical learning; still others reveal the social and emotional benefits of being involved in music. Given our long-standing reputation as the leader in the field of affordable early music education, Musikgarten can give your child a learning advantage for life.

Expert Teachers
Musikgarten’s expertly trained and well-supported teachers combine a love of music and an understanding of children and the way they learn into lessons that children and their families love using folk music and fun activities.

Our founders have been involved in early childhood music education since before it was recognized. Dr. Lorna Lutz Heyge has been developing early childhood music curricula for more than 30 years, while Audrey Sillick has been training early childhood educators for 40 years.

What’s more, Musikgarten is eco-friendly. Embracing the natural world is part of the Musikgarten advantage. Musikgarten works very hard to keep packaging minimal, desiring to get the material into the students’ hands, and to give them a place to keep all the pieces together. Some of our family packets – including instruments made of natural fibers – even come in cotton cloth bags. Not only is the packaging preferable in terms of aesthetics, it is durable, reusable, and not harmful to the environment in its production and disposal.

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